What is a Host?

A host has two categories of responsibilities. First, the host is responsible for local logistics including arranging the time and place, catering (if necessary), room arrangement and correspondence with local Groovers. Second, the host is a promoter and advocate for the meetup by creating and leveraging social media, creating and displaying onsite promotional tools such as a banner, post cards and handouts for Groovers. Hosts can also have dual identities as both host and sponsor, if they choose.

More specifically, these two categories of responsibilities can be broken down into the specific roles of preparing, hosting and promoting the meetup. These can be delegated to multiple people or covered by the host.

Hosting requires three key roles

  1. Preparing for the Grooving session. 
  2. Hosting the Grooving session.
  3. Promoting the next Grooving session. 


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