What is a Sponsor?

There are expenses involved in each Grooving session and the sponsor is asked to offset (in some portion if not entirely) the costs of operating the meetup in exchange for a promotional message about the sponsor. The Behavioral Grooves is interested in sponsors that share a common vision for the application of behavioral sciences in work and life. Sponsors can act as hosts, if they wish. 

Ongoing tasks

  1. Room fee (may include food and beverage minimums)
  2. Dinner (honorarium) for the guest speaker
  3. Catering for the event (could include food and/or drink)
  4. Labels for name tags
  5. Signage for inside/outside the venue
  6. Advertising (as needed) to promote the event

As noted, sponsors may choose to cover a portion or all of the expenses as they will vary from venue to venue. The minimum level of contribution to become a sponsor is to cover the costs of the Room Fee and Dinner for the guest speaker. 

If the sponsor would like signage to reflect their sponsorship, we ask the sponsor to cover the costs of that signage and it should be produced within the brand recommendations of the Behavioral Grooves.


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