It may be the best discussion topic ever. The Behavioral Grooves is a non-profit monthly meetup of like-minded, behavioral-science nerds excited by application of good science in the real world. It was founded by Kurt Nelson, PhD and Tim Houlihan to bring those who want to share their experience together with those who want to learn.


david hussman

Our interview with David quickly pegged him as the 'accidental behavioral scientist' and that played well throughout the discussion. We talked about chaos monkeys, constructionism, how important it is for Neil Young to know G-C-D chords (and to know what to do with them) and to do things that focus our attention on things that make people smile. 


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Dr. Christina Gravert is a Post-Doc at the University of Gothenburg and Chief Behavioral Economist of Impactfully, a behavioral science consultancy. Our discussion began by defining a nudge versus other policy or incentive decisions. 

In this episode, we spoke to Mark Horwitch, Partner for Co-Creation ~ Flexibility ~ Openness ~ Vision at Bain & Company about his remarkable new leadership model developed at Bain.

In this shorter episode, rather than interviewing a guest, we converse with each other about a topic near and dear to Kurt's heart: The 4 Drive Model. 

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