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Incredibly insightful stuff. I learn something from every episode.

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I just discovered this podcast a week ago, and I can’t stop listening to it. These guys and the guests they bring on is incredible. Despite the fact that they seemingly know everything there is to know about behavioral science, they still show surprise and wonder when talking with guests about what they do. I work in the business world applying behavioral science though, so Behavioral Grooves scratches all of my itches. Easily the best behavioral science podcast for people who have moved beyond the basics.

Thought provoking discussions on human interactions

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If you seek to motivate, work with, interact with, or are yourself a human being, this podcast is for you! Each episode explores an aspect of human behavior diving into the details of a particular theory but providing the background for anyone to jump right into the topic. While the focus in on application into the business world, there is applicability across various organizations and even a fresh lense to examine your own behaviors. The hosts are engaging and bring a humility and levity to the conversation that is a pleasure to listen to. I highly recommend you take a listen!

A destination for fellow psych nerds & music lovers!

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The Behavioral Grooves Podcast is one of those rare gems that combines really engaging, approachable, dare I say, HUMAN BEING hosts with research-backed, informative topics. If you're at all interested in the field of Psychology, this is a great destination for you. Their guests are wide-ranging, and you'll walk away with a better understanding of Psychology than you'd ever get in any Psych 100 college course. Check it out!

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